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Hey, I’m Susan Elizabeth

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different”

I’m a New Jersey native and have called the same town home for my whole life, but don’t let that fool you into thinking I’m your average Jersey girl. I’m actually a walking bundle of opposites—I love traveling, but hate flying. I look forward to “Sunday Fundays” out on the boat with my husband, even though I get seasick every.freakin’.time. And although you’d never guess it after one conversation with me, I’m a total introvert whose ideal day is spent lounging on the couch with my goldendoodle Bentley snuggled up beside me, catching up on The Bachelor or browsing Pinterest for ideas for my next remodel project while listening to Morgan Wallen.

When I’m not wearing my “New Jersey wedding photographer hat”—you know, telling one of my girls how damn gorgeous she looks in the light of a romantic, open-air boathouse chapel or cheering on a couple as they strike a pose by a vintage Cadillac—you can find me at home in sweats and a messy bun, post-Peloton workout. If you see me out at happy hour, though, you won’t miss the red bottoms of my favorite Louboutins, courtesy of a good husband who gets it! 

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New Jersey wedding photographer by trade;
IG Reel extraordinaire by choice.

While age makes some photographers embrace their softer, more buttoned-up side...having daughters in their teens and 20s keeps me feeling young.
So, don’t be shocked when you get a text from me with a TikTok dance for you and your bridesmaids to learn by the wedding day. 

Quick Facts

for the skimmers

Drink of choice


favorite show



Chase Stokes

guilty pleasure

Expensive Shoes

take my money

Kendra Scott

on repeat

Morgan Wallen

listening to

Taylor Swift

Fav workout


weekend plans

Happy Hour


Mad Men


Clooney, always

secret talent


listening to

John Legend

guilty pleasure

Expensive Shoes

take my money



Fantasy Football

weekend plans


a few more things you should know: 

In addition to my role as an experienced photographer and amateur IG Reel influencer, I often step in to meet immediate needs like re-pinning your cathedral length veil during our infamous "floating veil" shots, or pinning on 10 boutonnieres in under a minute! Anything to keep your day running smoothly!

I'll be your unofficial bridesmaid.

From the moment you finalize your date, consider me a friend as well as a photographer. I’ll be your Instagram comment hype-girl and the voice of reason, shouting, “Don’t you dare take that statement bow off that gown!” And I’ll even spend time getting to know your tribe, so I truly feel like one of the girls on the big day.

I arrive as a friend on your wedding day.

no 2

Looking for a photographer who sugarcoats everything? Then, you might just wanna keep looking. But if you want someone who will be honest—who won’t let you overstuff your timeline, who will teach you and your bridesmaids how to “skinny pose,” who will always help you find your best angle—then we’ll make a great team.

I always keep it real.

No 1

no 3

- Kelly k, bride

“I have said ‘Susan is amazing’ no less than 10,000 times during our wedding planning! 

word on the street:

Your photos do not belong on your phone.

I believe

Rather than allowing your photos to gather digital dust on your laptop or vanish after the latest Apple update, let’s make sure you get a glimpse of the best day of your lives every day! With my done-for-you approach to stunning album design, you’ll have your first family heirloom in your hands in no time. 

Being trendy isnt a bad thing.

You’ve probably seen the world timeless about a billion times now in your search for a wedding photographer. But I don’t really want your photos to feel like they could have happened anytime, anywhere, to anyone. I want them to feel so now and so you!

 I believe

Elegance doesn't have to be stuffy.

Just because you want your wedding photos to be
 high-end and stylish doesn’t mean you can’t have a good time doing it. I love turning  bridal party photos into a mid day dance sesh with your besties by blasting “Get Low” on my portable speaker!

 I believe


While I’m based in New Jersey, I regularly travel beyond my home state for weddings and engagement sessions! So, whether you’re planning a Siesta Key Beach wedding and want to fly me down to document it, or you want to move your engagement session to Charleston for a change of scenery, let’s do it!
My upcoming travel dates are listed below. If you don't see your travel date listed below, reach out to me and if I can make it happen I will!

Catch me in:










25 - Charlottesville VA

3 -8 - Aruba
15-20 - Florida
21-24 Charleston

25-30 - Cabo, Mexico

All month - Sarasota FL

5-10 - Las Vegas
25-30 Charleston

5-6  - Virginia Beach
9-11 - South Carolina
13-15 - Florida

4 - 8 - Bermuda

i haven't been everywhere but its on my list


16-20- Florida

2-6 - Florida
14-22 Sarasota FL

TBD - Newport, RI

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