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Delia Studios :: Harry & David thank you gift!

One word..Appreciation. I photograph a lot of weddings, which means I work with a lot of vendors..a lot! Working with amazing professionals by your side can literally make or break your day at a wedding. I have had great vendors by my side all day, and I have had bad ones. The great ones will always make sure we are working “together” and not have the “every man for himself” mentality.
I have had the pleasure of working with Jose of Delia Studios a few times now. Jose is an amazing videographer with a great passion for what he does, but beyond that he is sweet, caring, and a TON of fun to be around. It’s nice to have someone you can be silly with yet know that they have your back through the entire wedding day. When a photographer and videographer work well together, it really does have a great impact on the finished product for the bride and groom..and isn’t that the most important thing?
Since I think so highly of Jose, I often refer my couples to him…1.because I know we work so well together and 2. because he creates awesome wedding films.
Today, I received a gift on my doorstep from Jose! An unbelievable thank you gift from Harry & David! This unique package was wrapped in the coolest boxes and wrapped in ribbon. I honestly had no idea what it was! One by one I began to open each box and I was surprised to find everything from fresh pears to chocolate covered popcorn, cheese, crackers, truffles, brownies, nuts, danishes, and even smoked salmon! It was really the coolest gift ever.
It’s so nice to have someone genuinely appreciate you…Thank you so much Jose!! Can’t wait to work together again this wedding season!
Be sure to check out Delia Studios on Facebook and Vimeo for your upcoming wedding!!!


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