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Shhhh…I’ve been keeping a secret!

The past few months I have been keeping a secret and now it’s time to share the news! I hired an editor!!!! So right now you are probably thinking “Ok Susan, so why is this good news for me?” Well, let me explain!
Since I am a boutique studio I do EVERYTHING myself..and I mean EVERYTHING! Besides the obvious (shooting the actual weddings), there are many aspects of running a business that come along with owning one! I answer initial inquires and send potential clients information… I answer multiple texts, Facebook messages, and phone calls every day… meet with new clients (either in person or on the phone)…I shoot engagement sessions…edit those engagement sessions…shoot weddings…edit those weddings…design albums (sometimes with revisions)…write many, many blog posts…post teasers photos to Facebook…post tons of pictures on Instagram… try to keep up with Pinterest…go to seminars and workshops…send insurance certificates to venues…write contracts…do all the bookkeeping and keep my website updated, to name a FEW of the things I do on a daily basis. All of this is on top of being a mother and a wife and trying to maintain a somewhat normal life (insert sarcasm here). Basically what all this boils down to is me sitting in front of my computer screen from 6am to midnight, most days/nights.. Seriously not kidding, ask my husband and kids!
I knew there had to be a better way. Theres no way one person can do all of this and keep their sanity!
I began to realize my need for an editor. I found a couple different large companies and had sent them some sample photos to edit, but they were just never up to par with what I expected, so the search continued.
Insert Courtney. I found Courtney through a photography Facebook group. I looked up her work and found it to be exactly my style, so I knew instantly we would mesh well together. I reached out to her and sent her a wedding to “try out” to see if she would deliver the same fabulous photos I was seeing on her website. That’s when it happened…she sent me back the wedding completely edited and it literally looked as if I edited it myself..the same style, coloring, everything was on point! I immediately felt like a weight had been lifted! Since I only just found my new blessing at the end of the 2016 season, she has only just begun to wow me with her speed of editing and accuracy to my standards (which are pretty high!)
I always felt like all the magic was done in the editing..and I do still feel that way, so I was never open to the idea of giving up that creativity to someone else. But after seeing how wonderful she is, I now know that she can literally be my other set of hands in the editing process and give me back the gift of time. Time with my husband, time with my children, time with my friends and family, and time for myself!
So again you ask, what does this mean for you, my future clients?
This mean you will receive your photos back in a much more timely matter, since its not ALL up to me. This means that you will get the same amazing photos but you won’t have to wait months to get them! Courtney and I will BOTH be editing the weddings from now on, but she will be helping a lot more in the busier months of May, June, July, September, and October.
Yes, you can now pop the bubbly and celebrate, just as I have!!!
May I introduce to you the newest member of the Something Blue team, my new editor, Courtney!

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