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Meghan + Michael :: Rustic Park Wedding :: Belmar, NJ

Meghan and Michael’s wedding was the ultimate kick off to our 2016 wedding season! This couple really pulled out all the stops with the decor and made sure this was the perfect rustic wedding they had dreamed of! The day may have started out with some rain, but the couple didn’t let that ruin their day. Meghan looked HOT in her Vera Wang bridal gown, it’s no wonder Michael was so emotional when he saw her at their first look. Their bridal party was so fun, they had us laughing all day. Oh, and the 3 flowers girls stole the show with their cute pink tulle dresses and cowboy boots! Meghan is a bit obsessed with trees and all things rustic (no wonder we get along so well!), and she really looked at home amongst all the pine trees at the Historic Village at Allaire, we even grabbed a picture with the locals who were dressed up in early 19th century clothing! After the pictures, Meghan’s brother, Dennis, officiated the couple’s ceremony at the wedding venue underneath a beautiful archway of branches and flowers. During the planning process, Meghan had asked some of her married guests for a line from their wedding song..she then had each couple’s song lyrics and the date they were married written on a piece of wood, and lined the ceremony aisle with them, it was such a cool idea! The ceremony had a lot of humor, poking fun at Michael and how emotional he is by bringing out a basket full of tissue boxes for him. Their vows were super cute…Michael agreed to get on board with Meghan’s new-found love for country music (even if it included him wearing cowboy hats and chaps) and Meghan agreed to take Michael as her husband and agree to allow him to turn anything into a drinking game 🙂 Meghan’s friend, Kelly, is an amazing calligrapher and she created the most amazing details for this wedding, including numerous signs throughout the venue, the invitations, a mirrored window pane, a sign that the flowers girls held, and a killer seating chart! Inside the reception was one of the most amazing wedding cakes I have ever seen! The cake was made to look like a white birch tree with flowers, and it was sitting on a huge tree stump that her brother had cut was awesome!!! Jason Jani, of SCE Event Group, had this party rocking from start to finish, including a hilarious dance off that Meghan and Michael had to judge. It truly was a great wedding! The couple is going  to Hawaii on their honeymoon!!! #MikeAskedMeg Photographers: Susan and Kia Venue: Waterview Pavilion Entertainment: SCE Event Group Florist: Something Nice Videographer: New Jersey Videography Hair and Makeup: Pin It Up & Pout Invitations and Calligraphy Details: Kelly Rabkin Transportation: Concourde Worldwide  Wedding Gown: Vera Wang Bridesmaids Dresses: Bill Levkoff Tuxedos: Mens Warehouse Flower Girl Dresses: Pink Princess Weding Shoes: Bandolino Wedding Rings: Diamond Castle  Photo Booth: SCE Event Group Bakery: Chocolate Carousel  Cake Topper: Weddingpros Favors: Le Belge Chocolate   rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0001rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0002rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0003rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0004rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0005rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0006rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0007rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0008rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0009rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0010rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0011rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0012rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0013rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0014rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0015rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0018rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0017rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0019rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0020rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0021rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0016rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0022rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0023rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0024rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0025rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0026rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0028rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0029rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0030rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0031rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0033rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0035rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0034rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0032rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0042rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0036rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0027rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0041rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0037rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0038rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0039rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0040rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0045rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0043rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0044rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0054rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0047rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0048rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0046rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0049rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0050rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0051rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0052rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0053rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0055rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0056rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0057rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0058rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0059rustic-park-weddding-belmar-NJ_0060  

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