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One of the biggest mistakes a bride (or bridesmaid) can make leading up to the wedding day – Tanning

Bridesmaids in blush gowns at the Grove in NJ
It’s perfectly normal for brides to be super stressed out leading up to their wedding day. Obviously they want to look perfect in their pictures and want everything to run smoothly. A LOT of time and effort goes into making this happen. Pretty much every bride will pick out the perfect gown that she thinks is “the one”, get a hair trial done, have her hair highlighted or trimmed and maybe even get extensions put in, get her nails done, a pedicure and sometimes multiple makeup trials until she’s happy with her FINAL bridal look..veil and all! Usually the bridesmaids are all doing the same thing as well!
Here comes the crucial mistake some girls will make…the dreaded spray tan.
Ok me out on this! I have to admit, I LOVE to go tanning! In fact, I probably go tanning too much! (sorry, not sorry!) However…if you are the only girl in the bridal party getting a spray ARE going to stand out! Now I am not talking about going for a few tanning sessions leading up to the big day..thats different. Everyone wants a little color, I get it! But picture this…What if the groom is fair skinned and now you are a lovely shade of orange. How will that look in photos? Or if you are the only one in the entire bridal party who decided to get a spray tan the day before the wedding? I’m pretty certain the bride is not going to be happy when she’s not the center of attention in all the group shots..after all, it is HER wedding day 🙂 This could also present a huge problem for your makeup artist. She has most likely had a consultation and a trial (or two) to perfect your “day of ” look. Clearly, the makeup that was used for your trial is now going to look completely different, and you might not like it at all!
Look at the picture above. Its gorgeous. Every girl matches and all the skin tones are even, and they look amazing! No one is standing out like a sore thumb, and the bride looks stunning!
So my advice to you is this: If you do want to get a little color before the wedding day, communicate with your bridesmaids about it..maybe everyone can go tanning 2 times the week before the wedding, or something to that effect. Then everyone will basically have similar skin tones and the pictures will be beautiful!
Side note: Not all tanning salons are created equally! I know of some very reputable ones that can give you a very natural looking spray tan (those are fine). But on the flip side, I have also seen some horrific ones, where the bride literally looks orange and the colors is rubbing off onto her white gown as she sweats (never a good look!)  So if really want a spay tan, I would DEFINITELY get one way before the wedding (consider it a “tanning trial”) and take a few pictures next to your friends and your fiancé and see how your skin tones match up! One thing is for not wait until a few days before the wedding to get your very first spray tan!!!! After all, no one wants to look like the woman below on her wedding day! 😉


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