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Princeton Engagement Session {featuring OLLIE the Floof} :: Princeton NJ :: Leeann + Justin

Princeton Engagement Session :: 
New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Princeton Engagement Session :: NJ Wedding Photographer Susan Elizabeth Weddings Princeton Engagement Session :: NJ Wedding Photographer Susan Elizabeth Weddings

Photographer: Susan Elizabeth Photography
Ollie’s Instagram: @the_daily_ollie
Makeup: Makeup by Stacy Suarez
Bouquet: Carousel of Flowers

White lace blouse and blush tulle skirt: Morning Lavender
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Blue Romper: Ramy Brook
Suit Jacket: JCrew
Suspenders: The Tie Bar
Ollie’s bowtie and leash: Swagandbrownie

 ⚠️ WARNING: Cuteness overload ⚠️
This has to be one of my favorite engagement sessions of all time! Leeann and Justin are SOOO fun to be around and they showed up looking like straight up models! Between her tulle skirt and Louboutins, and his suspenders and bowtie, they seriously looked magazine worthy! 
Leeann and Justin have an Insta-famous furbaby, Ollie!  Yes. You read that correctly! This super cuddly, uber talented, half shihtzu/half poodle, and oh-so-fluffy pup has his own Instagram account with 46k followers and has been seen on The Today Show, Cosmopolitan, Draper James, Marie Claire Magazine, The NY Post, Shakeshack, and Budweiser!
🐾 Follow Ollie “The Floof” on Instagram at  @the_daily_ollie 🐾

For those of you with furbabies: Here some discount codes for ya! 
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Disclaimer: NOT ALL SESSIONS WITH DOGS GO THIS WELL! Ollie has been VERY well trained since he was a puppy to sit, come, stay, and stand for photos!




Ollie Fun Facts:

1. Ollie is a shih-tzu/poodle mix 

2. We always joke that Ollie’s doppleganger is Dug from the Pixar movie UP.  He’s literally the happiest dog we’ve ever met and loves everybody the instant he meets them… but also gets easily distracted (SQUIRREL!)

3. Ollie’s so used to getting attention in public that he will actually stop and lay down in the middle of the sidewalk as someone approaches so they can pet him.

4. Nothing makes Ollie happier than food… he will do literally anything and everything for treats which helped make training easier

5. Ollie’s favorite place in the entire world is at the beach.  He’s gone since he was a puppy and jumps straight into the water and digs holes for hours

How did you meet:
Justin and I met during high school, but not at the same one.  Our high schools had a joint club event where Justin saw me talking to a mutual friend and asked him to introduce us.  We only briefly chatted, and it wasn’t until I got home and got a MySpace (yes, MySpace) request from Justin asking for my phone number that I knew he was interested (LOL).  We ended up texting, chatting on the phone, and talking through AIM almost daily for two months (in typical 2000’s high school fashion) before we finally saw each other again on our first “date” at the mall to see a movie.  Twelve years later, here we are 🙂

The proposal: 
Justin proposed in beautiful Santorini, Greece during a family vacation on a Western Mediterranean cruise.  He knew that my only two requests for a proposal was 1) not to have a huge crowd of strangers around and 2) that I’d be able to give my mom a hug the same day. He hired a local Greek photographer and worked with him for a few months planning the surprise proposal on a church rooftop with a breathtaking view of the Greek caldera (180 view overlooking the bay, along with all the classic Greek white/blue rooftops to our left and right).   It all felt like a dream, but the photographer was there to capture proof of it all… including the huge hug I did give my mom after I said yes!


What’s your favorite thing about each other?
Leeann: My favorite thing about Justin is how thoughtful and level-headed he is.  He always reacts to situations and problems with a calm, logical approach and seeks to do whatever is best for us and everybody around him.  This is the exact opposite of my Type A tendencies to overthink things or rush to conclusions.   It feels like he literally balances out my crazy, challenges me to see things differently, and always does it in a loving and caring way.  I’m so thankful to have found him!

Justin: It’s hard to pick one thing about Leeann but if I had to narrow it down, it would be how smart and outgoing she is.  She’s always the life of the party and brings a smile to everyone’s face.  She really breaks me out of my shell and brings the best out of me.  Every day she makes me proud to be hers and there really isn’t anyone I would rather spend my life with.




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  1. B. Lyons says:

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! And of course we are part of the 46K following the floof 😊😊. Loved the BTS on his IG so glad we were able to see the final pics. Thanks for sharing your talent.

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